Miro Gladovic USA Footy
Miro has been a pioneer in the sports world ever since he became Australia’s first accredited FIFA Players’ Agent in the 1990s, and the youngest in the world at the time. Miro was pivotal in carving out Australia’s successful and lucrative soccer talent pathway to the major leagues in Europe, placing many great Australian players with elite teams during his years as a FIFA agent.

For the past 15 years Miro has resided in the United States where he has continued his pioneering endeavors, creating AmericanFootyStar.com, an online Footy outpost which saw a recruitment of American players who went to Australia to try out with AFL and VFL teams, and was documented in a successful VICE Sports documentary.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Miro discovered his passion for sports early on, and is a lifelong passionate Footy fan, eager to promote and grow the game in the most important sporting landscape in the world, the United States.