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No helmets? No pads? No worries!

Australian Rules Football (also known as ‘Aussie Rules’ or ‘Footy’) is a code of football featuring high-scoring and free-flowing action from start to finish.

While the traditional game features 18 payers per team – playing on a cricket sized oval – a new adaptation of the sport for American football fields is known as Footy 9s.


  • Footy 9s is a mixture of Australian Football and American Football.
  • Footy 9s is a revival of Austus, the hybrid sport played by American and Australian soldiers in Melbourne in World War II.
  • Matches are played on American Football fields.
  • Each team consists of 9 players – 3 forwards, 3 midfielders and 3 backs.
  • The game starts with a jump ball in the middle of the field.
  • The ball is moved around the field by either a kick, handball or forward pass.
  • A goal is scored when the ball is kicked through the posts. There are no behind posts.